Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

You might be wondering why we label our 'Rawks as "Hot". Well let me explain where the "Hot" comes from, and why it is so significant in our formula.

When I first started implementing herbs and superfoods into my lifestyle, I became so amazed at the effects it had on my health that I began to obsessively research as much as I possibly could. I became somewhat of a health aficionado, and my friends started referring to me as the "herb nerd".

One particular food/herb I became entranced with was cayenne. It continually popped up in my extensive research due to its vast amount of health benefits. I soon discovered that cayenne wasn't only good on its own, but it was even better when combined with other formulas since it acts as a catalyst in conjunction with other herbs and supplements.

Cayenne has an overall stimulant effect on the body. It speeds circulation, enhances digestion, and improves absorption of any herbs taken along with it, therefore increasing the efficacy of virtually any herbal combination. After learning this, I started adding cayenne to my daily herbal regimen and immediately noticed a powerful increase in the benefits of my concoctions. Years later, when I developed Hot Rawks, I made sure to include cayenne in the formula for this very reason.

Outside of simply being a catalyst in Hot Rawks, cayenne has a magnitude of other health benefits when taken regularly. One of these benefits is the powerful ability to increase circulation and dilate blood vessels in the penis and genitals. It has a warming effect and is a potent vasodilator. Cayenne also stimulates and energizes the nervous system and can actually lower blood pressure, all of which can have a profound effect on libido.

Cayenne is a powerful antioxidant and helps protect the cells against free radical damage. It also has a chemical effect on the brain and upon consumption it helps release endorphins (similar to "runner's high").

Ever heard your partner say, "Sorry, honey but I'm not in the mood. I have a headache..."? Well, if they are truly suffering from a headache and not simply trying to avoid your advances, then cayenne can indeed come to the rescue! Cayenne has been proven to increase circulation to the head and clear sinuses, both of which can alleviate a headache.

Feeling insecure about your weight can also affect your desire to want to get naked. Cayenne has been proven to assist in breaking down stubborn fat deposits and increasing metabolism. The region of fatty tissue found on the back and buttocks area is referred to as "brown adipose tissue". It contains more blood vessels than other fat storage regions in the body and works as a thermogenic regulator. In normal conditions it is designed to burn excess body fat to keep our temperature regulated, however, due to inactivity, excessive psychological stress, and a variety of other factors, brown adipose tissue atrophies in the body and becomes difficult to lose. Cayenne specifically stimulates this region and assists in burning stored fats. (Now you know one of my secrets to maintaining a cellulite-free fanny).

Cayenne is also a natural stress reducer and encourages the transmission of nerve impulses in the body. This is another important factor to take into consideration since stress is one of the most common reasons for a low libido.

Of course all of these magnificent benefits are much more likely to occur if the cayenne is pure and free of pesticides and chemicals. The overproduction, "cooking", and processing of any superfood or herb greatly decreases its potency, which is why we only use the purest, certified organic cayenne in Hot Rawks.


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Special Thanks to Dr. Patrick Quillin and his book, "The Healing Power of Cayenne Pepper", copyright 1998 Leader Co., Inc.