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What is Sexy?

A friend of mine recently asked me what I thought the definition of sexy was. The first thing that came to mind was the obvious: a protruding Adam's apple, a tattooed inner bicep, chiseled abs, and a really great smile. Then I started pondering the question again, and realized that while all those things are a definite physical bonus, overall sexiness is much more complex.

Have you ever met someone who wasn't incredibly physically attractive, but they just radiated sexiness? Maybe you found yourself enamored with them, but not being able to put a finger on what it was you found so mesmerizing? I, personally, have an insatiable fascination with Jeff Goldblum. This is rather strange to most since he is not particularly viewed as Hollywood's hunkiest. However, onscreen he regularly portrays an intelligent, quick-witted, energetic character, who is always overly passionate about something. He also happens to be a Jew, which could be another reason I'm attracted to him. I recently came to realize that the majority of my crushes over the last few years have turned out to be Jewish. Maybe there's something to these 'chosen ones' after all.?

Now let's consider the opposite. We've all met someone very beautiful or handsome that had zero sex appeal, right? Nada. Nothing. Zip. Zilch. They are physically attractive in every way, but you wouldn't even consider having sex with them. Why?

I've been studying the marvels of human sexuality for quite some time, and one thing that stands to be true is that seduction is less about the way you look and more about the way you carry yourself. I think it stems from the fact that we are, in fact, animals. We were designed to procreate with one another, and this primal instinct drives you to want a strong mate, one who is strapping, confident, and robust.

Do you stand erect (pardon the pun) and walk with a confident stride? Do you look at people in the eye when they approach you? Or do you slouch, uneasily hang your head low, and avoid eye contact?
Truly being sexy means you are filled with confidence, energy, and passion. You love being in your own skin, so others will want to be in it as well!

Of course, you cannot be disgusting or repulsive and hope that your confidence alone will attract the opposite sex. There is a small role that aesthetics plays in sex appeal, so make sure you are taking care of yourself (and your teeth), in an appropriate fashion.

We have also been exposed to so many chemicals and toxins in this day and age, that our reproductive and glandular systems can be seriously imbalanced. Supplementing with Chinese herbs like the ones found in Raw-Nation's Hot Rawks ( that are proven to boost libido, virility, and sexual vitality can't hurt, either. They assist in regulating hormone levels and can leave you feeling more, well, desirable!

Confidence, intelligence, the ability to engage in stimulating conversation, open-mindedness, and a great attitude are all prime attributes in someone who is sexy.
So, to really be honest, being sexy is hardly about looks at all. Being sexy is something that resonates from the inside out. People who realize this have a charismatic power to them, a sexual glow that is irresistible to others. Sexy is an attitude.