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Superfoods Equals Superpowers, Energy That Lasts All Day!

It still amazes me everyday the amount of energy I have from eating raw, organic superfoods. For example, today I took 3 Hot Rawks capsules and after waiting just thirty minutes, I did Yoga X for an hour and half. After I finished yoga, I made myself a superfood smoothie using raw cacao, goji powder, raw honey, raw agave, juice from an orange, young Thai coconut, and a banana.

Hot Rawks + Yoga + Superfoods = Sustained Energy all day long with no crash like you get from highly caffeinated beverages or energy drinks. My energy lasted well beyond five hours...try all day long. There are no quick fixes to any problem. Sure, you can take certain fast acting pills or drinks to give you a false burst of energy, or take a pill to make you do other things, but you're not solving anything. In fact, you can even become addicted to some of the harsh chemicals in certain so-called energy formulas.

The right combination of herbs and superfoods can feed your body the nutrients to supply you with the energy you need to get you through the day, and even through the night when needed. We are in a society where everyone expects something right now, but what happens after long-term use of these 'right now' products? You're rundown, you crash, you get lazy, and you become addicted to things that contaminate your body and can do more damage than good. With raw, organic herbs and superfoods your body will provide you with what you need now and later, for the rest of your life. It is the best high you will ever have!