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Sexual Enhancement: Pills vs. Creams

Sexual enhancement and performance have been a concern for men and women since the beginning of time. For just as long, men and women have found their own ways to enhance sexual performance and libido. These ways started out as natural, finding a variety of herbs that will give men and women a noticeable improvement. This change in virility of course had to eventually be bottled up, and sold over the counter, through the mail, or prescribed by a doctor. The most common types of sexual enhancement aids are pills and creams.

When asking the basic question if sexual enhancement pills and creams work, you should answer that question with another question. What are the ingredients of the pills and creams? The good news for us is that there actually are sexual aids that work and actually give you a desired result. And on the flip side, there are also scams out there. People manufacture these products that promise unbelievable changes to your anatomy. They're doing nothing more than playing on hopes and insecurities. The most popular products are the ones that promise to increase penis size.

Usually, this is a pipe dream from snake oil salesmen. The chemicals that are present in many of these products can never give the consumer what they're promised. But in the slight outside chance that you can actually increase your penis size with a product, you will probably want to go with a pill. The pill would have to be used for a consistent basis and extended period of time. This has been known to yield a more lasting result as opposed to the temporary sensations that creams can give.

Given that the pills must be ingested over a period of time, you will want to know that there is nothing harmful to your body in them. This is where most sexual enhancement aids fail. Chemically engineered supplements cannot help but contain unnatural ingredients that the body may reject or respond negatively to. But there may be other results that you are after with your sexual aids. For women, it's of course not about the possibility of penis enlargement, but rather about instant stimulation and blood flow.

Creams that are able to stimulate the blow flow in the genital region are known to enhance sexual experience. They create lubrication, a variety of sensations, and a better quality of orgasm. The creams are believed effective if applied to the clitoris region, and men can also get the same blood stimulation from applying the cream to the genitalia. It may all come down to personal goals when determining whether pills or creams are right for you.

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By John Melillo on May 30, 2013 in Hot Rawks