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Medicating Ourselves to Death

Adderall. Xanax. Ambien. Zoloft. More than likely, anyone reading this article immediately recognizes all of those words. Those words, along with a plethora of other pharmaceutical terms, are now a common fixture in the English language. We are introduced to these chemical substances from the time we're born, and anyone not having taken some sort of prescription drug in the past 6 months probably leans toward the minority.

Is anyone else petrified at how medicated everyone is? Does anyone else see the dangers lurking behind every little amber-colored bottle in your medicine chest? I am dumbfounded at the number of prescription drugs that are out there, and even more so at the number of people I personally know who talk about their current medications more than they talk about their own kids.

Our bodies were miraculously created to cleanse, detoxify, and adapt. We can occasionally consume a harmful substance if our immune systems and organs are pure and strong since our body will process and remove the toxic substance out of the body as quickly as possible, but if our delicate systems are overloaded with chemicals and foreign substances, the body cannot process it quickly enough. So what happens? The substances are stored in the liver, pancreas, nervous system, fat, and brain. Your body becomes a cesspool of toxins and free radicals that are bouncing all over the place, destroying everything in their path.

Feeling forgetful? Let's take a pill. Stomach upset? Pop a pill. Headache throbbing? Pill time! Low libido? Oh, there's a pill for that too. Do you see what's happening here? Your body is telling you something isn't right by constricting blood flow, slowing digestion, and jolting the nervous system, yet we take that little piece of paper to the local pharmacy and fill yet another bottle full of poison.

Ever heard the term, "survival of the fittest"? As living animals, we were designed to procreate. This means we are born with a strong inclination to mate, right? Now think about the last time you were sick. Maybe you had the flu, or a bad cold...did you feel like having sex? Chances are, probably not. Your body was too busy working on healing itself to worry about sex. In theory, this same process happens when the body is constantly trying to purify itself of toxins from prescription drugs. Your libido is smothered, sperm count lowered, and eggs are weakened. It makes sense that approximately 9 million couples have turned to fertility treatments in the United States alone!

I am not saying that prescription drugs cause infertility. I am also not saying that we should never swallow another pharmaceutical pill as long as we live. I think that there are certain instances where these drugs can benefit us, as in pain management and certain antibiotics. For example, if I am passing a kidney stone that looks like a porcupine I would consider taking something to ease the pain until the stone passes. Also, let's say that I was diagnosed with Lyme disease. I would definitely want to take an antibiotic to control my condition!

What I am talking about is the overuse and daily dependency on chemical drugs for every single ailment. I am talking about the number of people who use their everyday drug regimen as a "crutch" for survival. So many people feel as if they can't function or complete their everyday tasks without swallowing handfuls of chemicals. This simply isn't true. In fact, quite the opposite effect is taking place.

I can't write this without also mentioning the amount of processed food and drink we're consuming in addition to all the drugs. The plants and animals we eat are contaminated with a concentrated amount of poisons, which has a negative effect on our bodies as well. When are we going to realize what's happening here? When are we going to start making better choices? When are you going to treat your body like the luxury vehicle it is?

You want to lose weight, have a sharper mind, a soaring libido, and a body free of disease? Then quit medicating yourselves with drugs, chemicals, poison, toxins, bleached/processed foods, and sugary sodas! Eat clean, pure food and take high-quality herbs. Drink clean water and exercise regularly.

Listen to me now: Stop trying to fix the symptoms and start trying to heal your body! This nation's dependency on pharmaceutical drugs is alarming and quite literally sickening.

You are what you consume. Every second your body is regenerating itself, sloughing off cells and making new ones. What are you swallowing as fuel? What are you made of?

-Julie Wilson