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Libido-Enhancing Exercises for Women

Exercising is the part of the weight loss process that many people shy away from. But even if you don't need to lose weight, there are still many advantages to physical exercise. Mental and emotional, as well as physical, enhancements are achieved through daily exercise. Females and males can both improve their libido through exercise. Their preferred exercises may not always be identical, but they follow some of the same principles. The following are a few of the best exercises to improve the female libido.

Yoga Classes

Yoga is a very popular form of exercise that's enjoyed by both men and women. However, it's probably more popular amongst women on the whole. Many men have underestimated the difficulty of yoga, and found themselves in a world of pain. Yoga's stretching, balancing, and meditation will help with an overall healthy lifestyle, which can only help improve the capability and desire for sexual encounters.

Pole dancing

People may laugh because of the way poles are typically used by strippers. But the exercise that women can get with a pole builds muscle strength, and provides a quality aerobic workout. Many cities have pole dancing classes that can be taught, which can not only give women a physical awakening, but also a mental awakening. The sexual origins of pole dancing will certainly be the subtext to every workout.


Dance is not only an art form, but it's long been a preferred form of exercise for many women. Many dances are fun, fit, and actually quite sexual. A wide variety of types of moves and partnerships of some dances are inherently sexually charged. Because of the incorporation of these suggestive movements with a partner, they can often enhance the libido, while exercising the body.


This is an easy exercise that many women love to do. It's considered a great way to burn calories, but walking is also a way for couples to incorporate a level of intimacy in their workout. Walking together is a great way for couples to communicate and spend time together, while still having a quality workout. These special moments are great ways to improve the female libido.

By John Melillo on June 14, 2013 in Exercise & Fitness