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Libido Enhancing Exercises For Men

As men get older, a lot of things start to go by the wayside, because change is inevitable. For instance, your diet might change, or you might switch careers, or you might finally lose all your hair. But the one thing men will fight to hold on to is their sex drive. When libido disappears, there are many usual suspects to blame. Many physical, mental, and emotional problems have been at the route of a man's decreased libido. But fortunately, exercise has been known to actually be an answer. The following are some of the best libido enhancing exercises for men:

Blood flow in general is very important for libido and sexual performance, so any physical activity that gets it flowing is good. Yoga and stretching the muscles and getting them warmed on a daily basis, will alert the limbs and makes you more aware of your body. When a man is aware of the muscles and limbs that he'd forgotten about, he's more apt to want to use them in different ways. Sexual intercourse is just one of the many activities that he can use to continue any renewed vitality.

Squats are a weightlifting exercise that involves working muscles in regions particularly close to the genitalia. All while building the legs and the back, men can strengthen these special regions. They can't help but be reminded of the prior activity or inactivity of the groin area. Another great exercise is the bench press, because it probably yields the best, and lasting result for a man. The ability to take one's shirt off in public, whether at the gym, or at the beach is a very confident move. Even the feeling of developing that kind of confidence has the potential of increasing libido.

Rows, especially on machines can be a very suggestive exercise. While it's completely innocent, the male mind might even subconsciously make connections that can only improve libido. These above exercises are great at boosting the production of testosterone in the body, leading to a much healthier libido.

By John Melillo on June 7, 2013 in Exercise & Fitness