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How To Improve Energy Levels Naturally

It might be hard for a man to imagine not having the energy to have sex. But it happens, especially if he's not interested in using unnatural chemicals. The libido and overall sexual performance requires energy, just like every other activity. No matter how pleasurable the activity is the body will shut down all types of fun, if it's not given the proper energy boost. Summoning this energy is not rocket science, but usually the result of many oversights. The following are the top 5 ways to improve energy levels naturally.

Reduce Stress

Controlling stress is key to so many health related issues. No matter what your age or condition, stress is sure to make matters worse. An over abundance of stress can sap energy quickly. And as a result the libido suffers. We often excuse our tendency to stress because we believe that somehow we're helping or dealing with it by stressing. All we end up doing is depleting energy, and libido, which opens a hole new can of problems.


Never take on too much work. Only do what you are able to do effectively and efficiently complete. Some people need help learning how to delegate, organize, or simply say no. When you don't use these skills, you are burning any energy that you could possibly have reserved for sex. The libido is often the first to go when a person is overworked. But in order to maintain a healthy libido, learn how you can lighten your workload. Simply prioritize tasks, and place your sex life somewhere on that list.


Many people may feel like they're sleep-deprived. Ironically, these people might need to get less sleep, just so they can figure out the best sleep schedule for themselves. One of the main problems is the amount of time that people spend in the bed without sleeping. This time needs to be cut out by avoiding any naps during the day, and going to bed later than normal. Only give yourself about four hours sleep. This is a base to start from. If you slept soundly, then you can add time as you see fit. Maximizing your time spent in bed will ultimately leave you with more energy throughout the day, and also the night.


This is the most natural, dynamic, and healthy liquid on earth. Not to mention, our bodies are over 50% water, so the natural benefits of water to the body go far beyond the energy it provides, but it is the number one way of replenishing the body with liquid. This in turn will improve energy levels.

By John Melillo on June 19, 2013 in Exercise & Fitness, Organic Ingredients