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Foods to Avoid that Decrease your Libido Performance

People are always listing foods that serve as aphrodisiacs. Some of them, like chocolate and honey, are very popular. Other aphrodisiacs, like almonds and oysters may be a little less popular, and more personal. What people usually don't discuss is what foods should be avoided because of their effect on sexual performance. The following are several foods that have a negative impact on an individual's libido performance. When you want to feed your sexual appetite, you should strike these off of your diet plan.


Having an alcoholic drink sure can do a lot to relax you. But as we all know, alcohol can leave a person uninhibited, as well as out of control. Many romantic nights have been started by alcohol, but just as many have been ruined by it. When dealing with actual sexual encounters, alcohol has also been known to work against the male's ability to perform. In general, alcohol consumption hinders the body's production of testosterone.

Fried foods

This is a favorite of many people in this country, with the increasing number of fast food restaurants. That hamburger and fries contains hydrogenated fats that lower testosterone. When you're planning something romantic, it can be counter productive to visit a fast food establishment. These meals cannot only make you sluggish, but can cause a lowered quality and quantity in your sperm count. Not too mention the weight gain.


Soy is commonly considered a healthy choice. People will use it to replace meat, because they recognize the benefits to their health. However, when we're talking about libido and sexual performance, soy contains elements that are adverse to male sexual hormones, like phytoestrogens. This is able to cause fertility issues, body hair loss, and even male breast growth. None of these adverse effects do anything positive for the libido.


Many people have at least one cup of coffee in the morning to get their day started. But there can be too much of a good thing, especially with caffeine. Too much of it can activate and increase your stress hormones in the body. This causes stress and a hormonal imbalance. Before any romantic activity is planned, it's best to decrease the amount of coffee intake.

Artificial Sweeteners

Sure, lots of us feel like we need them to make our drinks taste better, but there could be a price being paid to your libido. The main ingredient of these sweeteners is aspartame. This causes problems for your body's serotonin, a happy hormone, which directly affects mood and libido. There are plenty of side effects with aspartame as well, like headaches, anxiety disorders, and insomnia. People who want to maintain a healthy libido should use natural sweeteners. This should help keep the sex life active and healthy.


Dairy products that you purchase in the grocery store are rarely natural. These high-fat products, like cheese, can have harmful effects on your body. When too much is consumed, toxins will be produced. These toxins interfere with the production of natural mood-lifting hormones like testosterone and progesterone. Too many of these toxins in the body can cause sexual dysfunction in some cases.

By John Melillo on July 17, 2013 in Diet, Hot Rawks