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Aphrodisiac Foods for Women

People often consider the female libido to be a mystery of sorts. Many women would probably agree, that the desire to have sex and the ability to have quality sex might just take a little more research than it does with men. Aphrodisiacs have been sexual enablers for centuries, and still today many of them are used to improve libido. Like it is with men, some of the foods have genetic impacts, and others have tactile or visual stimulation.

Red Wine

This may seem like a no-brainer, but red wine is not just like every other alcoholic beverage. The resveratrol it contains is an antioxidant that increases the amount of estrogen in women. The secretion of estrogen is known to increase sexual desire in females. So the next time you order an alcoholic beverage, know that there are advantages to ordering red wine specifically.


Why do you think it's called a 'honeymoon'? Honey has a natural component, boron, which aids in releasing estrogen as well. Honey's long been a delicacy for more reasons than one.

Pine nuts

Pine nuts are a natural stimulant for women because of the high levels of Zinc that they contain. While the nuts taste delicious, the zinc can also stimulate the male libido. These nuts have been used since the Middle Ages.


Beyond the obvious phallic symbol that a banana is, it contains a healthy dose of potassium and B vitamins. These are necessary stimulants for hormone production.


The circulatory system is very important when it comes to a healthy sex life. Ginger stimulates the blood throughout the body. Blood flowing to the genital regions is most important as it increases sexual arousal. This leads to better performance and more relaxed encounters.

By John Melillo on May 14, 2013 in General