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Aphrodisiac Foods for Men

Foods that are considered aphrodisiacs are supposed to be fun. They are typically tools that make the road to a night of passion a little smoother. The ability to perform well, and enjoy the encounter will need to be handled by other measures. However, aphrodisiacs can range from stimulating blood flow to genitals, to simply being sexually suggestive. The following aphrodisiacs for men are diverse, and affect men on both physical and mental levels.


These fruits have commonly been used to help erectile dysfunction in older men. The blueberries contain fiber that helps keep the digestive system unclogged. This flushes cholesterol through arteries. Ultimately blood is allowed to flow to the penis, yielding a stronger problem-free erection.


Chocolate is probably the most famous aphrodisiac, simply because it's used by so many people for more reasons than one. While you may feel like chocolate is just a sweet satisfaction, it actually contains phenyethylamine. This stimulates endorphins in the brain, giving a natural high.

Champagne with vanilla beans

Studies were done hundreds of years ago, in the 1800s. The Chicago Smell and Taste Research Foundation found that the smell of vanilla was an aphrodisiac for men. It increased male propensity for sex, and a clever way to utilize this powerful bean is by adding it to a glass of champagne.


Men bite into a celery stalk and certain steroids like androsternone and androstenol are released. These odor molecules are known to be present in certain animals, and serve as pheremone for mating. The same reaction happens in men, causing a boost in arousal. Natural scents are also released making the man more desirable to others.

Cinnamon Buns

And the Smell and Taste Research Foundation surely made a lot of men and women happy with its study of the cinnamon bun. The sweet scent of certain cinnamon buns is considered one of the best aphrodisiacs for men. The smell even has a great affect on male penile flow.

By John Melillo on May 10, 2013 in General