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Alternative Uses For Organic Raw Cacao

The powerful ingredients of Raw-Nation's Hot Rawks? are a combination of seven dynamic and organic plants, roots, and beans. This comprehensive, powerhouse supplement far outweighs the benefits of any one ingredient by itself. But this doesn't mean they can't be on a solo mission, taken to add a unique flavor to your diet full of nutrition. Raw Cacao is the magnificent nut known as the root source of chocolate, but following are a few ideas on how to incorporate this superfood.

First of all, organic raw cacao is known for making chocolate, but the process of making chocolate strips cacao of most of its nutrients. Its strength lay in the antioxidants and vitamins and minerals. The process of roasting cacao and turning it into cocoa removes a lot of the antioxidants, and makes the cacao virtually unrecognizable. After adding the sugar and fats that make chocolate, the natural benefits are replaced its fat-inducing characteristics.

A key feature of raw cacao is the flavonoids that are present in them. These exist in abundance, and are good for protecting cells and preventing rapid aging. Instead of through chocolate, you can find other ways to add the healthy cacao bean into a diet. There are many ways of replacing that favorite bag of chocolate snacks, like with cacao nibs (raw chocolate pieces). Cacao nibs may be found in health food stores, but people can be creative by inventing their own snack.

People can develop fun ways to use raw cacao as a healthy treat. This doesn't mean adding dairy and sugar to make a chocolate bar, but by maintaining the organic properties of raw cacao. Making dairy-free truffles, chocolate ice cream, and various smoothies, are just a few ways to introduce the healthy snack to watching games, dinner parties, and dessert time. Raw cacao is just one part of the dynamic Hot Rawks.