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Raw-Nation's Hot Rawks® Now Available at the World-Famous Museum of Sex

Febuary 28, 2012 - The first and only certified organic libido enhancer for men and women has now officially made history. They will be on display and available for purchase at the award-winning Museum of Sex on Fifth Avenue in New York City.

Built in 2002, the Museum of Sex has since received attention from academic institutions, major publications, media outlets, and celebrities such as Howard Stern, Jay Leno and Chris Rock - positioning the Museum of Sex within the realm of academia and pop culture alike. The Museum has been featured in numerous publications including The New York Times, The New Yorker, Esquire and Time and on television broadcasts ranging from CNN to IFC to NBC's Law & Order Criminal Intent. Accolades continue to pour in from thousands of visitors and the press in every corner of the world, inspiring the Museum of Sex to continually surpass its own high expectations. Future planned exhibitions and events - the likes of which have never ever been offered by any other institution- are guaranteed to captivate and resonate, securing the Museum of Sex a well-deserved, distinguished place in history.

The Museum of Sex sells very few items in their gift shop and favors companies that are innovative and stand out amongst other sexual products. "We are very excited to be offering Hot Rawks here at the Museum. Never before have I seen a supplement so unique and press-worthy," says Jason Sullivan, manager and product curator for the Museum of Sex.

Raw-Nation® Founder and Hot Rawks proprietor, Julie Wilson, visited the famous Manhattan Museum over five years ago and was impressed with its controversial exhibits. "I knew I would eventually be involved with this Museum somehow. I just love how they are able to capture sexuality and showcase it in a way that is respectful and classy. I'm honored that they chose to display Hot Rawks and make it available it to their visitors."

To find out more about the Museum of Sex, visit their website at or visit the Museum itself at 233 5th Avenue (at 27th Street) New York, NY.

To find out more about Hot Rawks and to see a list of other retail locations, visit